• Inspiring Heroes

    In memory of K-9 Officer Leon (2002–2012), this fundraising video played two years in a row at the Friends of Douglas County K-9 annual gala event, helping to raise more than $150,000 in donations. As a result, these heroic animals will continue deftly serving the public while playing a pivotal role in the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Engaging Generations

    Lack of water is a constraint to producing food for millions of people in the world today. Fortunately, the Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, is working tirelessly to find answers to the increasing demand for food using less water.

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  • Nebraska Workforce Development

    The opportunity to bring compassion and safety awareness together for the benefit of farmers and ranchers everywhere just doesn’t happen everyday. Produced by Nebraska Workforce Development, this show has been distributed throughout Nebraska and the Midwest as a critical reminder to work smart and be safe.

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