• Changing Perspectives

    Our tenure with the UNL Office of Research and this project spans more than a decade. The Annual Report is a showcase of innovation, highlighting the results of the University’s focused research investment. And while this is one of the more challenging design projects we encounter, the collaborative nature of the UNL Office of Research Team always makes it one of the most rewarding.

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  • Revealing Hope

    This was not your typical video shoot. It was an experience beyond words. We’ve travelled extensively with our cameras and revealed great stories of sadness, poverty and ultimately hope — this one is permanently engrained in our hearts. Fortunately the results of this show have helped to more than double charitable contributions from previous years.

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  • Ensuring Confidence

    In 2008, a regional telephone and technology company in Central Nebraska launched a national service making telephone conversations possible for individuals who just can’t hear on the phone. For this burgeoning enterprise we developed and helped execute a comprehensive marketing and sales plan that successfully positioned Hamilton CapTel as a leader on the national stage — competing for market share against the likes of AT&T and Sprint.

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